Project Galada is an adaptable litter capture barrier designed to trap and contain floating litter. The increasing pollution in Melbourne’s water environments is drastically affecting the health and quality of its water. Inspired by bike chains the modular pods link together and incorporate cylindrical planter pots that provide a buoyant eco-system for endemic aquatic plants to provide bio-filtration for the Yarra River. Capturing and collecting litter accumulating on water surfaces will help preserve and improve the health, biodiversity and quality of Melbourne’s waterways for the future.


The square toothed Connector link allows an angle to be chosen providing the direction for the next link. The barrier can be constructed to suit its surroundings.

Micro Habitat

Root stocks from the endemic aquatic sedges and rushes keep temperatures low, increase oxygen levels, reduce risk of algal blooms and soak up excess nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen which are then converted to growth. 


Litter Gate - Open

Litter Gate Closed

Litter Gate - Closed

The Yarra River is an estuary therefore downstream and upstream flows need to be accounted for. The flap is opened by downstream flow letting in litter. Upstream flow pushes the flap closed keeping litter inside the barrier.