Why this design?                 

Inspired by Scandinavian culture, specifically the fjords of Norway.  The high curves represent the high peaks of the fjords while falling down into the deep valleys created by the monumental glaciers that carve their way through the mountains.


Produced responsibly? 

 The main arms and legs were steam bent to shape out of individual 3mm veneers. The veneers are moulded in a form and then left to air dry. Next the veneers are to be glued together. Machining and finishing follows. Testing was done with Titebond PVA glue as it is not as harmful as Urea Formaldehyde yet I opted for the stronger and sadly more harmful glue.                                                                                                                                                         

Wood Finish : Lux flakes, which are all natural soap flakes                           

Glue  : Urea Formaldehyde           

Wood: European Beech