My name is Rowan Turnham

I was born in Melbourne, Australia.

My passion for design and problem solving has been an ever growing process. Whether I am asked to solve a particular problem or its found out of the blue, having the ability to analyse the situation and provide solutions is something that has always come naturally to me.

My philosophy in design is to create products that are true to their purpose. To use materials to their advantage whilst celebrating natural materials over synthetic materials is a priority in my design. Considering the impact of manufacture and end of life cycle is very important as the design of a product extends far beyond just the final product.

During my time at high school visual communications and systems engineering in particular caught my attention. They provided me with an avenue to experiment, explore and create. This was only the beginning of my fascination with creating three dimensional objects and visual works. From year 11 onwards I started working casually with my dad a builder and carpenter by trade.  Our work consisted of commercial and residential jobs including complete shed, pergola, decking and fencing construction, residential renovations, also office fit-outs and standards compliance.

Since finishing high school, I moved on to complete a Diploma of Furniture Design and Technology at RMIT. In 2015 completed a Bachelor of Industrial Design at Monash University.

Over my time studying I have made it a priority to exhibit my work as much as possible. Having the opportunity to display the work that I produce is important to receive feedback and thoughts from the public. I have participated in many exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and Italy.

My vision is to contribute to human civilisation and the earth in a positive way. By creating solutions that can serve a real purpose not create another problem.


" Design becomes once again a means of ordering the world rather than merely of shaping commodities "   Clive Dilnot

"Form follows evolution"   Cradle to Cradle


"Real design, not just giving form to objects but being responsible for the end product. Understanding and addressing the life cycles of products but also designing for longevity will greatly lower ones impact. Awareness of the past, present and future and to harness technology to its advantage. Most importantly the role of the designer is to address human problems, and that's exactly what pushes me."

Rowan Turnham